What Your Child Needs to Bring

When you bring your child to Natural Elements, there are a few things you need to remember:

  • Write your child’s name on their belongings and every item of their clothing, including bags, shoes, bottles and dummies.
  • Dress your child in protective clothing for messy play.
  • Ensure you provide safe clothing for both indoor and outdoor play with comfortable, securely fitting shoes.  Children are required to wear tops with sleeves for protection from the sun as per our policy.
  • Do not leave any medication in your child’s bag, always hand it to a senior educator and fill in a medication form.
  • Hats (Cancer Foundation approved) and T-shirts with a logo are for sale at the front office.

Here is what your child needs to bring each day

0 – 2 years

  • Bag
  • Wide brim, slouch, surf or bucket-style hat (recommended by Cancer Foundation).
  • Two (2) complete sets of clothes, including socks and jumper if cold
  • Formula bottles made up for the day (if older, empty bottles), dummy.  Please ensure they are labelled with your child’s name
  • Soft toy or similar for sleep time if required
  • Please leave nappy cream in your child’s bag in case they develop a rash, and sign a medication form (please see staff)
  • Full nappy service provided

2 – 5 years

  • Bag
  • Wide Brim, Slouch, Surf or Bucket style hat (recommended by Cancer Foundation).
  • Change of clothes, including socks and jumper if cold
  • Four (4) pairs or more of training pants and shorts (if toilet training)
  • If your child is toilet training please dress them in clothes that are easy for them to take off to go to the toilet.
  • Nappy / Pull-up for sleep time and home time if required
  • Soft toy or similar for sleep time if required

Long cords can be caught on play equipment and loose buttons and beads can be dangerous. Our outdoor policy recommends that children’s shoes be worn when playing on the outdoor climbing equipment. If you do not wish this to happen, please speak to the senior educator in your room.

Children in the kindy room are taught self-help skills and encouraged to put their own socks, shoes and clothes on. Please dress them in clothes that are easy to put on and off for this reason.

The centre also discourages parents from bringing lollies, food or toys to the centre.  Lost property boxes are provided in every room or in the centre foyer.